We nearly made it!

 The  satellite dish was repaired by RSE, it required a new LNB, and the replacement was done in good time and we were on the motorway by 3pm.  At one stage along the way we glanced at each other, smiling, saying “woohoo, we ‘re on our way”.  We arrived at Autotech in Kopu to get the insurance assessment sorted in good time and by 5pm we were settled in for the night at the Thames Golf Club and even managed a bit of TV watching.

Up bright and early Friday morning and ready to hit the road with our first destination set into the GPS;  Huntly, to see Roy’s 103 year old Aunty.  Off we set, we had only just been travelling for 5 minutes when we got a phone call,  Antony was  in an ambulance on his way to hospital in terrible pain.   Easy decision made, we shall continue to the motorway then head back to Auckland and Ardmore, park up, unhitched the car and head across to Middlemore Hospital.

Kidney  stones again, so more morphine, then ultra sound, X-rays and a CT scan, to find the culprits.   Apparently at 5mm they are too small to blast, but one is travelling between his kidney and bladder so hence the agony.  He was finally discharged late on Friday evening with a prescription in hand.  We then had to find an all night pharmacy to get it filled as he has to take medication to try to enable easier passage of the stones. 

Our next move is?……..pending!   We shall wait and ensure that Antony has no serious adverse affects to the medication and that he is on the road to recovery before we hit the road.  Poor thing, kidney stones are terribly painful so we hope that they will pass soon and he has no more attacks.  

One Response to “We nearly made it!”

  1. glennis Says:

    Oh poor Antony. My sympathy from one who really knows that agony. Pass on the good wishes please.

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