Lake Wairarapa

After a couple of nights in Masterton we headed down the road to Lake Wairarapa which has a nice parking area in the reserve by the Lake.  We based ourselves here whilst we explored the surrounding  area in the RAV.   

   With the sun setting behind us

We had a bit of an explore of the immediate area, doing a bit of off road 4WD driving through and across a river to see what was around.  We did come across some nice patches of blackberries which added to the freezer cache.  

  This is the view across the Lake to where we are parked. (Zoom in to see the vans)

First on our agenda was a visit Garrick & Marguerite who own Longwood, a beautiful historic country home just a couple of minutes away from where we are parked. We met Garrick & Marguerite nearly 20 years ago when we first bought Pen-y-bryn and over the following 13 years that we had the Lodge, we formed a good friendship which has continued.   Pat & Sue came with us and had to suffer a couple of hours of us regaling tales of the Lodge business and recalling the characters we encountered.  It was great to catch up and we look forward to meeting up again this week.  

The following day we packed a picnic for a drive out to the coast to check out Te Awaiti and Tora, both of which we had been told were good places to stay with good fishing.  We wound our way through the dry countryside, over some large hills and past more wind farms.

  Wind farm 

We arrived at the coastline, a rugged stone beach with lots of rocky outcrops.  We head first for the Te Awaiti reserve which is a free parking area, however, we are so pleased we took the car for the drive as the entrance to the reserve was too tight for our vans to get through and there was no turning area at the end of the road either.  We would have been in a right pickle!  We stopped here for our picnic lunch, with all of us deciding that this was defintely not on our must come and stay spot list!  

  Camping area down on the flat beside the river ( is apparently prone to flooding).
 Across the bridge (which is locked off to the general public)  is Te Awaiti station, a 16,000 acre farm that has been owned by the Riddiford family since 1843.  Coincidentally, Longwood was also once owned by the Riddiford family.   

 Next, we headed just a little further south along the coast to Tora where there are two parking places, both would be OK but we thought that the drive over the steep, windy and narrow road over the hills to get here was not on the top of our to do list. And you defintely would not want to be here on a windy day. 
 South Tora Reserve


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