Moving north

Roy and I have parted ways……for a few days!  Wednesday morning and Roy took the van in to have the LPG tank removed  whilst I headed across the city to Torbay to spend the night with Leslie which meant I could have a head start on traffic tomorrow morning for my journey north.  Leslie cooked us a beautiful dinner of  a slow poached chicken in a fragrant broth, it was delicious and I really appreciated it as I don’t have chicken that often as Roy doesn’t eat chicken, but that’s a whole other story. 

I left Torbay Thursday morning to meet up with Chris at Whakapirau to commence our housesitting stint  whilst Roy remains in Auckland awaiting the refitting of the recertified LPG tank.  He will hopefully be up here by early next week at the latest.  

The drive north was through some very miserable windy and wet weather,

 and then I came to a halt when I got stuck in this line of traffic just south of Warkworth.

And the queue behind me wasn’t much shorter either 

I arrived in good time for Chris to explain the intricacies of small holder farming life before he headed off.  I must say it is VERY quiet here, once I have checked on the sheep, collected the eggs from the chooks and completed my minimal household chores I have plenty of time to catch up on all the knitting I need to do.  

I woke this morning to thick fog 

Which is now lifting and looks promising to be a lovely fine day.  

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