Nursery Rhymes

The Pied Piper, Mary had a Little Lamb and Little Bo Peep are all appropriate monikers for me at the moment and I know how to win friends and influence people, well, make that chickens and sheep rather than people.  Every day here in Whakapirau I wander down to the chook house in the late morning to collect the eggs and make sure the feed trays are full and there is plenty of water and the straw is cleaned out regularly.  As soon as I get to the gate, the hens start coming out from wherever they are hiding and form a line up behind me as I walk to their house.  

They cluck to let me know that they are pleased to see me, and they all come following me right into their house seemingly to make sure I fill up their food and water and clean out the straw.

And they reward me with these

At the moment the sheep are also in the paddock next to the hen house, I am greeted like a long lost friend by them as well as they bleat their greeting to me and then race around to see if I have anything for them.  

As we had a wild and woolly  night  (did you see what I did there??) I felt for the poor things so I gave them some sheep nuts as a treat, mind you, they nearly bowled me over as I was leading them to the feed trays!  

Moving day for the sheep tomorrow, just think of me in my crinoline dress and bonnet  with crook in hand hoping that I will not be like Little Bo Beep and lose any sheep! 

3 Responses to “Nursery Rhymes”

  1. Liz Burrett Says:


  2. Liz Burrett Says:

    Called surrogacy with benefits. Can hand them back like grandchildren. No strings attached permanently just heart strings.

  3. Robin & Jenny Benton Says:

    Sounds like fun, looking after the animals, enjoying their company without any of the responsibilities. Enjoy your time there, Little Miss Muffett! Jenny.

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