A fall from grace

 It all started so well, the hens got clean straw and I was rewarded with my daily haul of 4  fresh eggs.  Then it was time to move the sheep to another paddock.  First close the gate across the driveway in case any of the sheep try to make a break for freedom, open the gate into the new paddock, then get the sheep nuts to entice the sheep over the drive.  All going well so far, the sheep have come running to greet me like a long lost friend.   They almost seem to know better than I do of what to do and where to go.  Open the gate and lead them into the new paddock, gosh, this is easy I think to myself, shut the gate behind the sheep and make sure the have water.  See? That was easy.  

Make my way back to the gate to head back to the house, but the ground is very, very boggy, wet, sticky and slippery in this part of the paddock.  What happened next was like something out of a cartoon, I was walking fast  but getting nowhere.  It was like I was on a big muddy treadmill which was going far too fast for my little legs to keep up.  And you know what happened next don’t you? 

Yep, a spectacular fall from grace, a complete face plant into the 6inch deep mud….sorry I don’t do metric!!!  I was covered in the thick sticky mud from head to toe.  Then I got the giggles.   Luckily there was no one around with a camera to hand to film the antics……but I did take a photo of my jeans after the event

No harm was done, apart from to the pride, and the inbuilt front air bags were deployed and saved me from any serious damage 😉

The clothing was hosed off before being put into the washing machine,  and I cleaned myself off under a nice long hot shower.   Note to self, avoid the mud.  


3 Responses to “A fall from grace”

  1. Stuartinnz Says:

    I imagine all the sheep could say was ‘it looks like you need a baaath’? Or were they laughing ‘baaa haaa haaa’?

  2. Liz Burret Says:

    Oh Bugger. Know the feeling well. Lucky no face plant into lovely fertiliser.

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