On the road again – sort of.

We’re back on the road after finishing our housesitting stint at Jacky & Chris’ in Whakapirau.  Although we haven’t really hit the open road as yet, as we had the van parked up at Uretiti DoC camp whilst we were away from it, we then moved the van from its storage position to a parking site within the camp which is a move of around 500metres.  

We stayed with Jacky for a couple of days after she returned from her travels and caught up with all their news and gave us a chance to finish off a few bits and pieces.  However, we were pleased to be back in our home again although we did note that our TV looked awfully small compared with the very large screen we had become accustomed to and  our shower also did not quite measure up in terms of water pressure and volume of water,  but these are things we can look forward to next time we housesit.

We quickly settled back in to van life at Uretiti, Pat & Sue were also there as well as another couple fellow full timers we have come to know over our travels.  The weather hasn’t been the best, with lots of wind and rain but I guess we are to expect that in the winter time.  After a couple of days Helen & Don joined us at Uretiti in their motorhome and over the next few days there was lots of talk, shared meals and laughter.  

Jacky & Chris visited one afternoon, and it was not long before we had arranged for the six of us (Roy & I, Pat & Sue and Helen & Don) to go out to Whakapirau for a meal and to all stay the night and for Don & Roy to reduce the sheep numbers by one! As a retired sheep farmer Don is quite au fait with the protocols and methods required, and Roy also has done this a few times over the years as well as portioning off the final product.   The deed was done quickly and efficiently and for those of us who choose to know as little as possible about the whole procedure, it was done with respect for us as well as respect for the animal.  Enough said. 

Time for a afternoon drinks before a local, Grant, joined us for dinner.  The afternoon quickly progressed into a great evening of good food washed down with a few drinks before developing into an evening of talk, tales, much laughter and lots of singing!    There is a video or two of the evenings melodious antics  which will not be available for public viewing,  you know what they say, what goes on tour…stays on tour.  Let’s just say it was a great night.

Pat desperately trying to get his hand on the coveted Elvis Lamp!
Helen & Don left us to begin their return journey south whilst the rest of us head back to Uretiti to our vans, where it was a quick tidy and pack up before deciding on where to next.

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