We were on our way from Uretiti in good time on Friday morning with a quick stop at the new dump station at Ruakaka then off to Tikipunga (a northern suburb of Whangarei) where we needed to fill up our LPG tank for the first time since getting the tank recertified.  We know that the petrol station in Tikipunga  has auto LPG with easy access for our rigs.    Soon enough both Pat & Sue with us in front,  were lined up ready to fill up.  That done, we headed just around the corner to the Golf Club which was where we were staying for the night.  With gale force winds and torrential rain forecast for the weekend we thought is would be a good place to hideaway, as well as be close enough to Whangarei township so we could go to their excellent Farmers Market early the next morning.

Whangarei Farmers Market
The forecast winds and rain had not eventuated so we made the decision to pack up and move on, next stop Ngunguru out on the coast on the northern side of the Whangarei Heads.  We knew we could get parking on the hard as well as being reasonably sheltered from most winds plus it was only a short 20km drive.  Yes, we know, we don’t travel too far in a day but you know what they say? It’s all about the journey not the destination!!!

Parked at the hall in Ngunguru

We did a bit of a tiki tour checking out bays and beaches along the coast from Ngunguru and found some spectacular places to stay sometime later.  

The view from the lookout down to Ngunguru Bay

Window shopping at Tutukaka!

We stayed for a couple of nights in Ngunguru, managing in that time to also meet up with anther couple of fellow motorhomers – Gail whom we spent time with in the north last year, and a Pat & Steve whom we met up with at Ngawi earlier this year.  Lovely to see everyone again and catch up with all their news.  But soon it was time to move on, next stop…..?

One Response to “Ngunguru”

  1. Janet Davis Says:

    Hi Bernice and Roy
    Will have to write this again because I don’t know what stupid button I pressed before but the whole message disappeared – sigh!
    Anyway back to the letter.
    looks like we have just missed you – we will be just out of Whangarei in the Matapouri Road area next week – possibly Tues 5 – Thurs 7.
    Unfortunately it is for the funeral of a very dear friend who has just passed away – Thurs 28 July.
    Probably staying in Whangarei and tripping over to Matapouri Rd.
    Interesting area isn’t it.

    Have just enrolled in Facebook with great reluctance but is then only way to keep up with our granddaughters who are Contikiing in Europe at present. Much to my disgust it was the only way to communicate with them. It is still a little too public for me – but will just have to toughen up! They are in the Bordeaux area with a busload of Aussies (yuk!) and a Kiwi bus driver and commentator type person.

    So keep warm and dry and safe – isn’t it wet and damp everywhere.
    I am so over winter – at least we are heading for Spring thank goodness.

    Well must push on – Take care and our love to you both.

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