Hidden Gem

We have found a lovely spot here in Northland, where we are allowed to park courtesy of local iwi (tribe) for a little Koha (donation).   It is a beautiful Bay with lots of other little bays within the bay with many of them private with no public access which is why we feel very privileged to be able to stay here at this particular spot. 

The day we arrived we were welcome with an amazing double rainbow with one of the rainbows so bright and vivid it was almost like a neon light reflecting on the calm waters.We had just the one afternoon and evening of rain before the clouds gave way to some lovely sunshine, which remained for the rest of our week long stay.

The view from the van.

There has been no wind so the kite fishing was a no go.  However, Pat & Sue have a new inflatable boat perfect for those windless days which has meant that they can tow out our long line to deep water, drop it off  and we can winch it in from shore which proved very fruitful.

Here they are returning to shore

Days have been spent fishing in one form or another, relaxing, eating said fish and generally enjoying our surroundings.  However, we had to give up on the long line fishing as our reel had a meltdown.  Along with Roy losing the end of his brand spanking new surf casting rod into the tide, it ended up a bit of an expensive exercise. 

Along with snapper and a couple of kahawai, these two beauties were landed which ended up as delicious sashimi.

We enjoyed breakfast in the sun along with the lovely views.

I know that some of you may want to know exactly where this little hidden gem of a place is located, but we are not going to advertise its exact location. Nothing would spoil this little patch of paradise more than a whole hoard of motorhomes turning up.  But if you would really really like to know then drop me a line and I may just let you into our little secret!

8 Responses to “Hidden Gem”

  1. Michael Parish Says:

    Please as past accomadation providers could you let us know the secret spot we promise not to tell and if you do we will tell our secret spot

    Bernadette & Michael.


  2. Stuartinnz Says:

    Beautiful spot. Looks like a pā site on each headland, I think

  3. Russell and Margaret Jeffery Says:

    We would also really really like to know of this spot if possible. We are considerate motor homers and certainly would not divulge it to anyone else. We do not travel that far up north very often so would not overuse it.

  4. Sandra tukukino Says:

    We are travelling up north in the new year and would love to know where this is. Out of town spots are who we are. Thanks

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    […] listed on any web sites and it’s not in any books. We came across it a couple of years ago click here so decided to return. Luckily we still had the contact details of the guardian of the site so we […]

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