Cider Shed

A stop was planned half way through our journey from Uretiti to Shakespear but where were we going to pause? There are no too many places for us to easily pull off to the side of the road comfortably, although there were plenty of ideal spots on the right hand side of the road, but not many n the left. Just north of Warkworth we spied a suitable place ahead of us on the left. And what’s more,  there just happened to be a cafe there, perfect for a coffee….or perhaps a little something stronger? 

Ample parking on the side of the road for the motorhome and the towed RAV4.

And inside the gate, this is what awaits, with plenty of parking for smaller vehicles too

We wandered in and were warmly greeted by the owner.  Hmmm, something to eat as well perhaps? It was really only late morning, an early lunch or just a bite to go with the coffee.  Ok, just a nibble to tide us over.  We decided against trying the cider this time, but it all sounded rather tasty.

The meals that went past us to other customers looked very nice too.

With large covered decks around the outside as well as play areas for children, and a lovely looking grassed area for sitting in the sun, it looked like a great place to spend some time.  

We will definitely stop here again on our way past and we will have try out a meal and even a bit of their cider.


One Response to “Cider Shed”

  1. Stuartinnz Says:

    I’ve always meant to stop in here, but never have. Next time …

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