First weeks at Shakespear

Look – there’s a man on the roof of the van.  

Indeed Roy was on the roof of the van, fixing a small leak we discovered during a recent downpour before it became a major issue and then he gave the roof a good scrub.

Once the roof was cleaned of course the rest of the van had to be washed as the dirty water from the roof had run down the sides of the van making it all look rather messy, especially the windows so they got a good clean.  So that’s another one of the jobs ticked off the list, especially the list that has been made up of ‘when we get to Shakespear’ items.  

The next item on that particular list was to crack open all the Macadamia nuts we had gathered when we were further north at this gem of a place.  There was a large macadamia tree on the roadside and it seemed a shame to let the rats & mice have them all so a container of nuts were picked.  

Macadamia nuts are notoriously difficult nuts to crack open, and after checking with Mr Google and watching a few YouTube clips and trialling many methods of opening them, the best method we could come up with was to hold the nut with a pair of vice grips, and hammer the nut.  But the hammering needs to be done on a firm solid surface, we tried a few things including the the table but that was no good, what did we find to use?   The solid plate metal base of our camp host sign of course!

A close up of the process. 

A few other minor tasks have been completed and we are now looking forward to some good weather, good company, and lots of fun over the summer.  


2 Responses to “First weeks at Shakespear”

  1. Glennis Hale Says:

    There is an amazing macadamia opener that you can buy. Makes the job simple!….. for next time.

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