It’s a tough life

Whilst we have an abundance of sunshine throughout the summer months, it also means we have an abundance of power.  To raise a few dollars for the Shakespear Sanctuary we are “selling off” our excess power to campers so that they can charge their phones and other necessary devices, all for a gold coin donation which will go toward the cost of bringing Kiwi back to the sanctuary in March.  It costs several thousand dollars to bring each bird into the sanctuary so any funds we can raise will help a little.  Last year we did the same and raised several hundred dollars which went to bringing Robins back into the sanctuary.  

 One of the translocated  Robins with his personal identity leg bands.

The Robins have successfully bred this last spring, with many chicks having been successfully raised and fledged.  Let’s hope the same occurs with the Kiwi translocation.

Back to the money raising exercise. Some people seem to be glued to their devices all day,  every day, with some of the younger generation coming two or three times a day to charge up their phones.  And with most people using their phones as their camera to record their holiday pics, we get a good number of customers each day. 

 What usually occurs is that people come, plug in their phones and then they leave,  to return an hour or so later when the phones have charged.  This morning though we had a different sight, a young man came to plug in his phone, sat in Roy’s chair for a moment, next minute he was fast asleep!!

Seems he has a young family and wasn’t getting much sleep, so he caught a few winks in the relative quiet outside our van! 

Perhaps this  could be the start of another fundraising venture?  


5 Responses to “It’s a tough life”

  1. Michael Parish Says:

    Let us know when you run the cable up the Waitaki valley we will be in good on you mate

    Bernadette & Michael.


  2. Stuartinnz Says:

    So, a dollar to recharge your phone battery, $20 to recharge your own batteries?

  3. Wildlife | The Vanninis' Manoeuvres Says:

    […] and Robins which were reintroduced last year and you can read a little about them here.  This year in the autumn Kiwi are being reintroduced into the Santuary which is fantastic […]

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