Windy summer

It was a little windy over the weekend, well, let’s be honest it’s been damn windy for the past couple of months or so it seems.  But the past weekend we were well warned of the impending weather “bomb” bringing with it torrential rain and high winds.

We took our awning down on Saturday afternoon, even though we are reasonably sheltered in our parking bay, everything else was put away in readiness for the forecast rain and wind.  Some campers who were scheduled to leave on Sunday, packed up a day early so they had dry gear to return home with…sensible people.  Steve came up for the evening as he and Roy were planning to go fishing in the morning, at this stage the wind was annoying but nothing too serious.  After dinner, we settled in to watch a movie, then the rain started and the wind started to pick up.  We watched campers scurrying around tying down tents with extra ropes, hammering in pegs and generally battening down the hatches.  

Time for an early night as the blokes were going to be up by 5.30am to go fishing.  By early evening the rain had settled in, the wind was buffeting us occasionally but generally speaking all was well. However I cannot sleep when the winds are so strong as I hear every creak, groan and crash, besides, I was concerned that the gazebo we had borrowed was getting a buffeted.  I was up and down I don’t know how many times, checking on it, then watching campers torch beams light up flapping tents with loose ropes flying.   At around 1am there was a huge gust of wind, the van rocked and I was sure I heard something so I get up yet again to investigate.  Sure enough the gazebo has been lifted, I yell at Roy to wake him up (who has slept through everything so far – the joys of being able to remove your ‘ears’), whilst he puts on some clothes I dash outside in my nightie.  Outside,  I find Steve trying to grapple the flipped gazebo and hold it away from his car as the legs of the gazebo just missed his car by millimetres.  Roy joined us and we wrestled the gazebo back to its rightful position and proceed to figure out how to take it down.  Not an easy task, in the dark, in the rain, with the wind at near gale force and none of us really knowing how the damn gazebo worked as when we had put it up on Christmas Eve we both had left it to others in th family to put it up !! Once we figured out that we could just snib the clips on each corner leg, we could walk the four corners in and fold it up nicely.  

It must have been strong gust of wind to pull these anchoring pins out of the ground!

A clothes peg used for size comparison

Roy then went on to help some of the campers whose tent had collapsed, taking with him extra ropes and  pegs.  I should admit here that I have Roy on a bit for collecting bits and pieces, especially tent ropes, the odd pole or two and a plethora of tent pegs, but I have to admit that the large bag of ropes, ties and pegs have now come in handy!!!!  These were used for the same campers who earlier in the day we had loaned our spare inflatable bed as they had forgotten the vital part for their air bed….the plug!  Poor people, apparently their tent leaked, then it collapsed,  in the end, they got in their car and went home leaving everything behind only to return in the morning to retrieve what remained.  Many other campers also decamped during the night as tents leaked, some got large rips in them and others just had had enough.  
By the time we got back to bed it was nearly 3am, the alarm went off at 5.15am and no, Roy does not hear it as he has his hearing aids out, so I wake, wake him up and then try and get back to sleep.  Needless to say very little sleep was had on Saturday night and Sunday night was definitely early to bed. But they guys did catch some snapper so all was not in vain.


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