Last week of camp hosting

You know when it’s time for our camp hosting duties to finish when this is the view of the campgroup…..

For most people work beckons, schools and university have begun, and it’s just the odd tourist or three coming in to stay plus it’s the start of school camps coming into the park so it’s time for us to pack up and ship out.  Although most weekends are fully booked with campers, like this last weekend, although not so many have turned up.  The rain that we had prior to the weekend seems to have put a lot of people off,  apparently it rained heavily in the city Friday and Saturday whilst we were bathed in sunshine out here on the peninsular.

But there have been a few different sights this week.  What’s this I see on the horizon?

A closer look reveals a paraglider with a blue chute 

And friend with a red chute

They just so happened to pick the one day when the wind was a very gentle breeze, typical, they should have been here the day before when we had very strong winds, but perhaps they are just beginners so they may have only wanted a gentle zephyr.

We have enjoyed our Camp Hosting role, it brings with it all sorts of interesting people, most of them lovely and with only a couple of minor incidents in which we have to nicely tell people off for their inconsiderate behaviour.  But mostly it has been advising people or helping campers with everything from jump starting cars to lending them gear including cutlery and a portable gas cooker, a pump or power to pump up beds and numerous other bits and pieces.

This is the sign that I made for the entrance to the camping area this year which made for lots of positive comments.  

Usually there is a reminder of some of the rules but I thought that this year we would change tack and remind people to have fun, on the whole I think it worked…..although I’m not sure whether the kids do dishes rule worked all the time!

But we haven’t moved far, just to the Self Contained Parking area in the main part of the park, which is where we are now.

Here we shall remain at least for the next week or two whilst schools take over the camp ground.  

We have made a little money for SOSSI, Shakespear Open Sanctuary Society Incorporated, from taking donations and running the Junior Ranger Program.  

Here we are in front of our faded sign wearing our SOSSI hats (we weren’t wearing our t shirts) with our honorary Junior Ranger Badges pinned onto them and holding the booklets that the children complete to earn their badge after I have marked their booklets.

A very successful year for raising a few funds for SOSSI from the Junior Ranger program as well as from donations made for people to charge up their phones and devices by plugging into our solar generated power.  This year the funds from the power  is going to the initiative to bring Kiwi back into the park.  This will happen in April this year which will mean when we come back next year we shall be able to listen to Kiwi at night time.


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