A little damp around the edges

There has been a little bit of rain falling around the region and apparently it’s not about to stop anytime soon over the next few days, although we have had a welcome reprieve for a few hours but we are all high and dry managing to keep away from most of the wet stuff.

 I was a little surprised to see a creek had appeared at the back of the van yesterday morning….there hasn’t been one there before

The view through the rear bedroom window.

And compare the same view taken just a couple of days apart

Today we would have been lunching in the wet!

Today it’s back to this 

There is a road under there somewhere 

Today all of the lakes have disappeared however with more rain forecast to add to the already sodden ground it won’t be long before they reappear.

Roy braved the elements to take the RAV in to get a new windscreen fitted after a few too many stones from roadworks attacked the windscreen ….but that’s another story.

Lakes formed all through the park with the only ones enjoying the deluge were the pukekos.

We haven’t ventured into the campground since the rain, but apparently there are some lakes and rivers forming there as well but it has not put off one school who arrived today with four bus loads of children to camp over the next two days.  With the near gale force winds and more rain forecast, I’m sure it would not be me in a tent!


2 Responses to “A little damp around the edges”

  1. Robin and Jenny Benton Says:

    Keep safe in all that rain.

  2. Karel Thompson Says:

    I could do with some of that rain.

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