Fishing deluge 

The escape tunnel is a washout, drowned in a deluge of torrential rain but more on that shortly.   First onto much nicer things, Friday night we went to Steve & Leslie’s for dinner which was a very nice impromptu dinner.  Whilst there, the fellas hatched a plan to go fishing early in the morning so the boat was quickly prepared and hooked up to Steve’s car ready for a quick getaway in the morning.  Indeed they did head out from Army Bay and were back after a couple of hours with a lovely haul of 9 good sized snapper.  Great, we know what we are having for dinner!!

Roy weighing the fish whilst Steve checks the numbers – yes, it was a good one.

 9 lovely fish.
Later on in the day, Steve rang to say that they were having their three grandsons for the night so he was thinking of bringing them up to go out fishing in the morning.   A  look at the weather forecast, and a bit of a brain wave, and we came up with a revised plan which was for them to come up in the late afternoon and we could have takeaways on the beach whilst Roy and Steve took one boy at a time out for a fish.  Which is exactly what happened.  

Fish and chips at the beach, life jacket on ready to go.

The fisherboys back with their catch
Showing off their catch the next morning before Poppi filleted them all.

It was a great days fishing and lots of fun and laughs for us all – just ask Asher about Aunty Bernice’s Adele impressions, he laughed until he cried!!!of course it was because I was soooo good and my voice is just like hers hahahahahah.

 Just as well we did all our fishing on Saturday as Sunday was forecast to be a little damp, sure enough late on Sunday night the heavens opened.  We had retired for the night and were safely tucked up in bed when the rain really started to pelt down.  I got up to check out of the window to see if everything was OK as I thought I had heard a car revving it’s engine and sure enough there was a car belonging to a camper desperately trying to get out of rapidly rising waters.  A look out of the van window to the rear of the bay we are parked in and the creek at the back was well over it’s banks with a river of water running just a few metres from the van.  At this stage I woke Roy, he got up and ventured out to see what was happening and to make sure that campers were ok (luckily there were only three groups camped in the park).  

One lot of campers at the rear of the camp site had flood waters rush into their tent and they were desperately moving their car and trying to pick up their tent and gear and move to higher ground.  Another family in the next bay to us we’re removing everything they could out of their tents into their vehicles and were abandoning their camp.  By the time Roy had checked on everyone and made sure that the road out was still driveable for those wanting to leave, the waters had risen to surround our van and the water lapping at the wheel rims…time to quickly gather up our bits and pieces and move. Besides, we knew that it was low tide at around this time (1am) and we were not sure what would happen at high tide.   We were quickly into moving mode, I got into the car and positioned myself so that the headlights would light the way for  Roy to  get a good view of where to drive, meanwhile the rain is still bucketing it down.  Safely moved, we then woke up some tourists in a motorhome who were about to be completely surrounded by rising water levels….again, I directed the car headlights to show them the way. By this time it was 1.30am, we were wet, bedraggled, but safely away from the torrent of water racing through the Camp and all campers were safe.  

Of course no pictures were taken at this time, it was too damn dark and wet as well as being too busy getting ourselves sorted to be thinking about pictures. 

We woke in the morning to find that overnight the rain had stopped, the flood waters were quickly receding and the sun was beginning to shine.  The family of campers returned to dry their gear they left behind out in the sunshine before packing it away,  Others were also trying to dry wet tents, sleeping bags and gear.  With further rains forecast with thunderstorms  for later in the day we have parked ourselves on the concrete pad in the middle of the camp well away from the creek and any wet soggy ground.  By mid afternoon everyone else left the camp and we are by ourselves.  

The heavens did open again late on Monday afternoon, this is what it looked like – dull, dark, and very wet

Rain pouring off the awning and our lake side view!

Today is again brilliant sunshine so with all the washing done and the wet gear all dried out, we are hoping that that is the end of the heavy rains for a while.


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