Farewell to a good friend

We were utterly heartbroken to hear that our dear friend Marj passed away on 4th January. We send our sincere condolences and much love to her husband and best mate Brian, and to her family. We shall miss her joie de vivre, positive attitude, and for making us laugh.

We first met Brian and Marj when we started our life in the motorhome, in fact we met them on our first week on the road and they were ever so welcoming and helpful, especially on happy hour etiquette. Subsequently we met up with them often and became good friends. We ended up travelling together in a happy convoy of two a number of times. The first time was north to Cape Reinga, another time around the Karikari Peninsular and then we did the trip though the Wairarapa and up through the southern Hawkes Bay where we had lots of fun.

We remember when Marj got pipped at being unable to walk with Brian and refusing to become a “little old lady” so she got herself a bright pink Segway. Then there was no holding her back, off she went everywhere and anywhere. She introduced us to having brunch in a Sunday to remind ourselves what day of the week it was and that other people had to go to work the next day, and to remind ourselves how fortunate we were.

We shall remember her with much fondness and especially her “can do” attitude in the face of adversity.


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