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Supporters shirt

April 29, 2018

Roy had a birthday recently and the lucky boy received a parcel in the mail from Alex & Ian containing not only some of his favourite chocolate, but a shirt. Not any sort of shirt mind you, no, indeed it was a Welling United football shirt.

Now I should explain here first of all that football is known everywhere in the world as football, apart from NZ and the USA where it is known as soccer. Mention football in NZ and people will automatically presume you mean rugby, that is rugby union not rugby league. Confused yet?

Back to the shirt.

here is Roy modelling the said shirt holding a sign we made.

When we were staying with Alex & Ian in London, Roy went along to a few games of football with Ian to watch Welling, his local team. Roy really enjoyed the atmosphere and it became a bit of a running joke about Roy being Wellings most avid long distance supporter.

here he is with a couple of the team enjoying a liquid refreshment at the conclusion of a game.

It also became a bit of a running joke that Roy was a bit of a jinx as the team never won when he went along to watch a game, although they did have a draw on one occasion.

So now he has the shirt to prove he is indeed the honorary president, secretary, treasurer and chief cheerleader of the New Zealand branch of the Welling United Football Supporters club!

Routine of sorts

April 27, 2018

We are on the countdown, Roy has completed 9 trips into Auckland Hospital for his radiation treatment so now there is just 29 to go. We have slipped into a semblance of a daily routine which involves me dropping Roy off at the train station, he travels into Newmarket, then gets the bus from there to the hospital, has his treatment then reverses the travel arrangements. The only difference in the routine are the times, as each day the appointment times vary which can mean either leaving the van for the train at anytime from 9am through to midday. And of course there is the odd day that the appointment times go out the window with an unscheduled delay holding up proceedings. Meanwhile, I either go swimming, shopping, go to Antony’s to do the washing, return to the van to do a few chores or sometimes meet up with friends.

Fellow motorhomer Jim has recently had a hip replacement, he is parked up next to us at Ardmore so we keep an eye on him and between us and a few others we manage to get him to his appointments, do his shopping and keep on top of his chores.

Antony usually comes and joins us for dinner each evening and as well, the past two weekends we have been up to Shakespear to collect wood from some of the dead trees that had to be cut down. Ranger Bruce met us last weekend on our way in to collect firewood and told us that there wasn’t much left but there was the large lengths left behind and if we waited for him to do a few jobs he would return with chainsaw in hand he would cut up the last of the logs for us.

Antony now has plenty of firewood to last the winter.

We’ve had a few visits from friends, Ron & Janet called in for a lovely visit and lunch last week, and Bill P came round for a chat and a catch up. Barry & Sandra called in on their way through Auckland and we have plans to meet up with others later in the week. We’ve been across town to have lunch with Simon & Anita and granddaughter Maria who is growing up oh so fast, she is nearly 20months old. And we also went out to dinner to Eti & Rona’s home. We met Eti & Rona at Shakespear, they come and camp there every year and over our time as camp hosts we have enjoyed their company and many a BBQ with them and their family. It was lovely to catch up with them and hope to see them again soon.

Roy had a birthday last week so Roy, Antony and I went out for dinner at a local pub/restaurant, it also happened to be quiz night at the pub so we joined on in. We didn’t win but we did ok for a small team and we had a good laugh or two as well.

Anzac Day was an early start to the day with Roy and Antony heading off to dawn parade at 5.15am. It also happens to be grandson Andre’s birthday, he is 8 this year, which necessitated a call to pass on birthday wishes. They grow up so fast don’t they? Meanwhile a couple of batches of Anzac Biscuits were made, one lot the traditional version and another batch of my version with lots of extras added.

They seem to have gone down well as there are not many left!

All in all, every day seems to be pretty busy with very little spare time which is a good thing as before we know it, we will be able to get on with other things and it will be time to get in some fishing again……it seems ages since we have been fishing and had fresh fish for dinner.

Shakespear to Ardmore

April 14, 2018

Our time at Shakespear finished last weekend and we reluctantly left on Monday heading not too far away across the harbour to Ardmore Airport and the NZMCA Park there. Along the way we had to fill with LPG and petrol, then it was off to the tyre shop to get all the pressures checked before we could get onto the motorway and head south. A quick visit to Bruce Pullman park to empty the waste tanks and fill with water before heading around the corner to Ardmore where we have parked ourselves for the next few weeks.

And yes, it is with permission that we have been allowed to park here for any length of time as Roy started his radiation treatment on Thursday. We have a little routine all sorted whereby I drop Roy off at the train station which is just 5 minutes away, he catches the train into Newmarket then it is a short bus ride to the hospital gates. Being over a certain age qualifies him for free train and bus travel which is handy. Meanwhile I go to the aquatic centre which is right next to the train station for a swim before heading back to the van to await Roy to message me his return arrival time. The treatment itself does not take very long, it’s just the travel to get there. 2 treatments down, 36 to go!

We decided that train travel for most of the journey was by far the easiest way to go, no traffic to deal with as there seems to be a holdup or accident somewhere on the motorway system just about every day, and if necessary it is less than a 15minute walk from Newmarket to the hospital if anything should delay the bus.

Antony lives just around the corner from Ardmore so we have seen a bit of him, including helping him celebrate his birthday on Friday.

We are managing to catch up with a few friends as well whilst we are here and get a few bits and pieces done as there is always something to do or shopping to be done, people to see, you get the picture! Speaking of pictures you will notice that there aren’t any in this post, no excuses, I just haven’t taken any.