Shakespear to Ardmore

Our time at Shakespear finished last weekend and we reluctantly left on Monday heading not too far away across the harbour to Ardmore Airport and the NZMCA Park there. Along the way we had to fill with LPG and petrol, then it was off to the tyre shop to get all the pressures checked before we could get onto the motorway and head south. A quick visit to Bruce Pullman park to empty the waste tanks and fill with water before heading around the corner to Ardmore where we have parked ourselves for the next few weeks.

And yes, it is with permission that we have been allowed to park here for any length of time as Roy started his radiation treatment on Thursday. We have a little routine all sorted whereby I drop Roy off at the train station which is just 5 minutes away, he catches the train into Newmarket then it is a short bus ride to the hospital gates. Being over a certain age qualifies him for free train and bus travel which is handy. Meanwhile I go to the aquatic centre which is right next to the train station for a swim before heading back to the van to await Roy to message me his return arrival time. The treatment itself does not take very long, it’s just the travel to get there. 2 treatments down, 36 to go!

We decided that train travel for most of the journey was by far the easiest way to go, no traffic to deal with as there seems to be a holdup or accident somewhere on the motorway system just about every day, and if necessary it is less than a 15minute walk from Newmarket to the hospital if anything should delay the bus.

Antony lives just around the corner from Ardmore so we have seen a bit of him, including helping him celebrate his birthday on Friday.

We are managing to catch up with a few friends as well whilst we are here and get a few bits and pieces done as there is always something to do or shopping to be done, people to see, you get the picture! Speaking of pictures you will notice that there aren’t any in this post, no excuses, I just haven’t taken any.


2 Responses to “Shakespear to Ardmore”

  1. Stuartinnz Says:

    All the best for the remaining 36 return train trips, Roy.

  2. Jenny and Robin Benton Says:

    Ditto from us as well. It’s going to be a long few weeks to get through, but all for a good result. As you say, the treatment time is small, it’s just the travel there and back which takes so much time. Going by public transport on the Gold Card is a bonus, noworries about traffic or parking. Best wishes for a great outcome.

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