It’s all done and dusted, finished, completed, ended, kaput, stopped, wrapped up… get the picture?

Yes, Roy had his last treatment yesterday and without so much as a fanfare, it’s all over rover. I made a batch of muffins for him to take in to the lovely staff at Auckland hospital which apparently was well received.

And how did we celebrate? Well for a start with a Rum & Coke, as during treatment anything with a fizz in it was on the banned list. And for dinner I made a boeuf bourguignon complete with lots of onions and garlic (also on the banned list), accompanied by more previously banned foods as in leeks and broccoli. And damned delicious it was too, especially on a very chilly evening.

So now we return to some semblance of normality, well for a short period of time as it will be my turn next.


3 Responses to “Done!”

  1. Stuartinnz Says:

    Well done, all those train rides paid off. Good old Winston, I only wish we had trains up here! And what a delicious sounding celebratory dinner.

  2. Jenny Benton Says:

    Good on you Roy so pleased the daily treks are now over. If you didn’t suffer any side effects from the radioation, you are very lucky indeed (ask me how I know!).

  3. Kotanga’s Travels Says:

    Yeehaa ! So pleased for you both. What a journey !

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