For him and for her

No, we are not really sexist in our views or in what we do. Roy cooks and cleans as I much I as do repairs and maintenance. However, Roy’s PC had decided it didn’t want to work properly for him, especially some parts of the keyboard which proved very interesting when he was trying to get some work done. After a few days of muttering, mumbling and frustration levels ever increasing, he went off to buy a new laptop. I could go into details of what he got, but in fact I have no idea…it’s black, it’s a laptop, there are no longer any mutterings emanating from the desk and it works, isn’t that all that matters??

It looks something like this

Apparently it does what he wants it to do and very quickly as well so he is a happy chappy.

Not to be left out, I finally found something I have been looking for for a while now. No, not nirvana or the winning lotto numbers, although I wouldn’t say no to the latter, but a pipe thingy for my handheld vacuum. Yes, I was silly when I bought my handheld Dyson a few years ago, I should have bought the stick version. But after borrowing the pipe from Brian & Marj a couple of years ago to try, I knew one would fit and it would work ok if I could just lay my hands on one, or more precisely do some serious looking for one. Last week I decided I needed to get my a into g and so I did a quick search and lo and behold Mr Google came to my rescue. Ordered one day, delivered the next, brilliant!

My handheld before –

The said stick/pipe/wand

And after

No more bending down to vacuum or crawl around on hands and knees. Perfect for post surgery ……I’ll still be able to vacuum 😂😂

I, or should I say we, can zoom around quickly and easily getting the floors vacuumed, and even reach those high places that the vertically challenged member of the household could not previously reach without precariously balancing on a stool.

Oh why oh why did I leave it so long to actually get one? I have no idea!


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