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Magic spray

April 14, 2019

Now I would hazard a guess that many of you have seen an All Black crumble to the ground in an agonising heap only to be restored to full fitness by a quick spray or drink of some “magic water”?

they even label the water deliverer so no one is under any illusion as to what is going on.

They even have the magic spray in football

I hasten to add here that you rarely see this sort of thing going on in netball, just saying!

Well, I can now attest to another magic spray, but it’s definitely not water.

Firstly, a background story of what has been happening within the Vannini Van that requires the attention of some magic spray or lubrication.

For some time now we have been having issues. And this issue has been blighting our travels on and off for a few years now. It doesn’t happen all the time, just intermittently and when you least expect it to happen. As well, it usually occurs at the most inconvenient moments and I have been saying for some time that I thought a bit of lubricating spray would help, however, we never seem to remember it until it’s too late.

You see we’ve been having major issues with our rear view/reversing camera. It is part of the passengers duties to keep an eagle eye on the said camera whilst we are travelling to make sure that the car is indeed following us everywhere we go. But for some reason or other the picture flickers on and off, sometimes more off than on, or the picture fades away but it goes just fine if you tap the contrast button or we go over a major bump in the road. The tapping gently of the contrast button tends to wake up the monitor and the picture becomes clear again for all of a second or two before disappearing again.

the said camera.

The problem has become worse and worse over time, I have complained to the driver who will give it a bit of a bash before grumbling that I am annoying or such like. Recently he tried taping the button down with some duct tape but that didn’t work for more than 5 minutes. So in desperation, I got out the spray can of WD40, attached the tube that gives you a controlled directional spray and gave the contrast button a drop of the magic elixir.

Well, the picture instantly became clear, and what is more it has stayed on continuously for our latest journey making me wonder why we hadn’t tried it before today.

On doing a bit of research, this WD40 stuff has a gazillion uses around the home, from cleaning, to lubricating, to just about anything you can think of. Here are a few uses I have found on the interweb.

1. Lube a shovel. Spray WD-40 on a shovel, spading fork, hoe or garden trowel. The soil slides right off — especially helpful when digging in clay.

2. Clean tile. The spray removes spilled mascara, nail polish, paint and scuff marks from tile floors, and also help you wipe away grime from the grout lines. Clean up with soapy water.

3. Scrub stains from stainless steel sinks.

4. Unstick chewing gum. A squirt makes it easier to pull chewing gum out of carpet and even hair. It’s better than cutting out the gum and leaving patchy carpet or a bad haircut.

5. Soften leather. Oil can help break in a stiff leather tool belt.

6. Free stuck LEGOs. Your kids will thank you.

7. Cleans old muffin tins. I am yet to test out this theory, I just wonder if this is for the underside of the tin rather than anything that would come in contact with food.

8. Prevent flowerpots from sticking when stacked together.

For a full list, read a list of thousands of uses here

In the interim, the monitor continues to function perfectly since we sprayed it a few weeks ago.