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It was all going so well…

March 16, 2020

The second week post surgery was going brilliantly, I was walking around the van easily without crutches, and outside with one. My pain levels were almost negligible with just a few meds at night time to ensure a good sleep. It also seemed my role in the kitchen was quickly handed over to me as well!

Then on the Sunday evening, I felt cold, as in shivery cold, went to bed early with an extra duvet on shivering but apparently feeling hot, took my temperature but it was normal. I fell into a deep sleep to be woken at around 2am boiling hot and sweaty, oh well I thought, at least the fever has broken and I’ll be ok.

We had friends visiting Monday and it was fabulous to see them, I decided to start the antibiotics I had been given for such an instance, however at around lunch time I excused myself as I did not feel well at all and went for a lie down. After Glennis & Robin left I decided to ring my surgeon, yes, he says, good for getting onto the antibiotics and come and see him tomorrow, Tuesday, early afternoon,

By 3pm Roy was delivering me to Auckland hospital A&E with a covering note from my surgeon to be processed and put under the care of his team. The next couple of days continued into a blur, with IV antibiotics being given as well as pain meds with Hugh, the specialist due in Thursday morning to see me. It seems I have an infection, a serious, deep seated one.

Hugh came in at some ungodly hour and said I’d be going for surgery, I have to say that at this stage all the staff from all the different departments were brilliant at keeping me up with the play, being kind and caring, and most helpful. Also a quick thank you here to fellow blogger John, who turned up on Wednesday with a lovely coffee in hand. Hope your treatment goes well mate x.

By 9.30am I was in pre op and being told by the anaesthetists what they were about to do and what was best for my future care then wheeled through fairly quickly into theatre, I came to in recovery at sometime around 2pm. At first I was completely bamboozled and asked where the hell I was? When they said hospital, I said ok but what the hell for?! I could not figure out what I was doing there or why. I was totally disoriented.

I was back in my room sometime after 3pm where I was told everything that they had done……..hmmm, best wait for anaesthetic and pain drugs to wear off first!!!

Roy and Antony were at the end of my bed that afternoon, it just so happened that poor Roy had to undergo a Colonoscopy at another facility earlier the same day. Antony came to the rescue and picked Roy up from the facilty, thanx mate. Good news for Roy though, all good just a checkup in a couple of years time.

That night, Thursday remains a complete blur, I have no idea what.was said, done to me, whatever, but apparently the next day I was told that I did ask the night staff if I could get out of my clothes and into my nightie and get into bed? All the while being in bed in a hospital gown! I bet they have a right laugh sometimes at the things said to them. Another of the night staff the following night told me I told her that I loved her hair and another nurse that I loved her!! They did laugh whilst retelling me.

Lovely friends Helen & Don were up in Auckland for a day so they came to see me on Friday, I have no idea if I made any sense, sorry guys, it’s all a bit of a blur but it was great to see you both. Roy was back for a short visit to bring some essential items and of course to see me, as it was our 38th Wedding Anniversary after all. Happy Anniversary babe, not an anniversary to remember kindly!!

Saturday dawned and I wanted to get a clear head so let’s forget those awful drugs, I managed on paracetamol all day, got up and changed into my nightie, walked unaided with my crutches, a huge relief not to have to call for the dreaded bedpan, horrid things that they are.

Steve and Les came up to visit, what a lovely interlude as well, they came bringing a goodie bag which included, among other very thoughtful things, some much welcome fruit. You see, the food here is pretty much not what is good for nourishment of very ill people. Very small, appetising meals or soups are what is required. I enjoyed picking at grapes and raspberries and I particular enjoyed the feijoa. Thanx guys, love you all to bits.

I have to mention again the staff here, they are all outstandingly amazing people whom every single Manager CEO or whomever else gets paid BIG bucks and bonuses, they should hang their heads in shame, and give their salaries to these underfunded nurses, because, by crikey, they are the ones that deserve it. I’ve see first hand how they have to deal with obnoxious, demanding, ungrateful people…and that is just the American woman with her whiney, grating, loud voice that is in the bed next to me. In frustration last night, I called out “a please or thank you wouldn’t go amiss occasionally!’ The staff of course, treat her the same as everyone else, I don’t know how they don’t say something but they do roll their eyes as they leave.

So that’s just about up to date, days trickle by. However, I’m having a PICC line put in which is a permanent line to deliver intravenous antibiotics which will be administered over the next 6-8weeks. That should be able to be done from home with visits by the district nurse which we will work on the logistics of that shortly but we know we are able to stay on at Shakespear. Hopefully that will work then they will retest but I may have to be on antibiotics for months.

Every day is a moving feast, I see teams of Doctors from different teams the orthopaedic teams, Infectious disease team, Allergic reaction team and goodness knows who else but we are getting there.

Of course this scuppers our plans to go to the UK but world events also seem to be scuppering that as well with events changing hourly its seems. Who knows how this is all going to play out, we shall wait and see. I think our world is about to change, and who knows if it will be for the better. Let’s hope so.