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Life as we know it…

March 26, 2020

Who would have thought that world events would have such an impact on all of our lives. A lot, and I mean a lot, has happened over the past week since I was discharged from Auckland hospital.

The District Nurse visited last Friday to oversee the changing of my infusor (yes, that is the correct spelling) bottle of antibiotics and to ensure I have procedures, hygiene etc down. She was really happy with what I am doing and I went solo from Saturday onwards. However, she did pick up the fact that where the PICC line was located, that every time I bent my arm, I kinked the line, so I wasn’t getting the full daily dose. So we agreed that I would go in on Monday and they would reposition it for me, in the meantime, could I fashion a splint so that at least whilst I slept, my arm would be kept straight. A proper splint was found in the first aid kit, a malleable foam covered aluminium device that ended up working really well. However, it wasn’t pleasant to sleep with and I woke frequently through the nights.

Monday morning and events changing rapidly in NZ, we are at Level 2 Alert on the new Covid-19 system, with the prospect of going to full scale level 4 in a few days. I have my appointment with the District Nurse and she repositions the PICC line, changes the dressing and ports, and send me on my way, it’s so much more comfortable now. Meanwhile, Roy waits in the car for me…..he’s in isolation being over 70! Then I have to go for blood tests, the local Lab is closed so we have to go further afield, again, Roy waits in the car and I distance myself from everyone else. That done, we are on our way home again.

Once we get back we are told that the park is closing and everyone has to be out by midday tomorrow. Oh dear, what are we to do.

A very stressful rest of the day is spent sorting us out, and I can admit to a few tears shed by moi (in the privacy of the van) along the way, with my stress levels going through the roof. A lot of hard work, phone calls and talking ensues. But by early evening and we are sorted. We are parked up safely, in total isolation, and very happy where we are.

Tuesday morning I have to be at a Greenlane Hospital to see the surgeon and get the staples removed from my knee (ouch) plus get further instructions on what to do/not to do. I am basically told to rest as much as possible and let everything heal. With developments over the past 24hrs with emergency levels going to level 3 and level 4 coming into effect Wednesday evening, we tie everything up so I don’t have to go back to see him until 21st April, as they will do a once stop shop for me and remove the PICC line, check my knee, give me scripts for the course of oral antibiotics and anything else that needs doing. In these crazy times it’s sensible. Meanwhile I still have to go out once a week to get PICC line dressing and ports changed and to have blood tests but we can do both of these on the one day, Roy can stay in the car and I will sanitise, sanitise and sanitise before getting back into the car to protect carrying any germs with me.

As for me? I am slowly recovering, every day I feel a little better and a little stronger, Thursday was my first day of staying awake all day without having a nap or two. Tiny steps folks, tiny steps. Roy is well although I worry that he’s getting worn out as he’s also busy with his work and then running around after me. I’m trying not to be too demanding but I do need help with some things still.

So now we hunker down, I managed to get a click n collect slot for the supermarket this weekend and we have someone who has offered to pick up our “normal” grocery shopping……..with not a toilet roll on the list either!!! The shops will be open for the duration, we have plenty of good food supply lines in NZ so there is no need to panic folks!

We hope people will take this opportunity to learn a new skill or two; a new cooking skill, language, change a tap washer, knit, sew, garden, learn some handyman skills, get fit, read or whatever takes your fancy and connect with those who live in your “bubble”.

If we all do our bit, it will be over soon enough, but I am picking that this will last much longer than 4 weeks as there will be some *@#&$* out there who will muck it up for the majority of us.

Be kind, be nice, be strong, be safe. Stay Home!