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Rocks or Fossils

May 3, 2016

When walking back from Aramoana to Pourerere I came across a collection of rocks that reminded me of the Moeraki Boulders and also a whole group that reminded me of Ammonites and large fossilised turret shells.  I did not know if these are in fact fossils or just vivid imagination on my part.  So here is a gallery with my interpretation.  No doubt someone can give a more informed opinion on these ‘fossils’


This one looks very similar to a Moeraki Boulder.  There were quite a number of these ranging from perfectly spherical to egg shaped to cylindrical with spherical end caps.  Where they had broken apart they were stratified to some degree but not to the same degree as Moeraki boulders.  I think they are accreted boulders very similar to Moeraki boulders but formed in different strata.



This photo and the following three show different views of a single rock which I believe to be an ammonite or a similar creature having a coiled form with segmentation around a core.  It appears to be formed with some hints of a snail type shape.  Or perhaps it is just imagination!!!












This one has a spiral form much like a squat turret shell.   It was a bit difficult to get a good shot of the spiral form on the side and also to get a shot of the base.  But for want of a better description I would call it  a squat turret.


This one and the next  show a spiral segmented form like a flattened shell.  Hard to describe but there were quite a number with this form.


All of the above where found in an area of about 500 metres by 50 metres.  The ones shown are representative of a very large number of partial relics.  There may have been better examples and more types but I did not have the time to see more as the tide had turned and I wanted to get around the cliffs without being trapped.

Pourerere & Aramoana

April 22, 2016


Next stop was Pourerere, a stunning long beach with motorhome parking all along the beach front for fully Self Contained vehicles only, with a maximum stay of three nights. Again a permit is required but this is easily and quickly done with a phone call, but make sure you phone well before coming to this beach as there is definitely no cell phone reception here, and even radio reception was negligible.

On the road into Pourerere, we were surprised to see on the skyline, a line of ….giraffes?  Surely not. 

giraffeGiraffes on the skyline

But they were indeed a line of giraffes, made of metal we think but obviously a farmer with a sense of humour.

We arrived at the beach to be met with a long sandy beach with motorhome parking available all along the beach front.  It didn’t take us too long to pick a suitable place to park.  At this time of the year there was no one else around so we had plenty of places to choose from.   


Parked on the beach looking southward


The view from the bedroom window looking north.


At low tide



Sign at the entrance to the beach area


This fellow was one of the biggest seen around these parts.  According to the owner he was impatiently waiting for the last of the calving.


Saw this old church from the road in and decided to have a look at it

Found a path which led to the church and followed it up through a grove of trees only to find that it was no longer a church, it has been converted into a home.26


Found this unusual fruit on a tree at one end of the beach.


Cracked it open to find a chestnut inside!!!


Just a short drive south of Pourerere is the small settlement of Aramoana, not to be confused with the Aramoana near Dunedin.  I say a short drive, it is 8kms by road, but only 4.5kms if you go along the beaches at low tide. 

Aramoana aka Stony Bay, is now being developed with upmarket holiday homes so we were a little surprised not to find cell phone reception here.  But eventually we did, after seeing a local repeater station located on private property, if we climbed a small hill and stood in the right place we could gain some phone reception to check on phone messages.


Aramoana Beach


Aramoana Homestead

At the south end of the beach is this large rock shelf.  This shelf runs from just North of north of Porongahau to north of Kairakau.




This is a long shot looking south toward Blackhead which is just north of Porangahau


The south end of Aramoana Beach

Roy decided to walk the 4.5km back to Pourerere following the rock shelf around the coast.



Well even up here there is evidence of Moeraki boulders.  Very round and very large.  Will come back to these in a later post.