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Home alone

January 10, 2019

Backtracking a little, this was lunch on New Years Day.

The crayfish was a gift from some campers who had been out diving and the Prosecco a gift from friends Mark & Glynnis. A lovely way to start the new year.

It’s not often that I’m home alone, but for the past few days I have been all on my lonesome…oh, but with 160+ campers to keep me on my toes. Roy had gone to Ashburton to visit the grandchildren and this was the most convenient time for all of us, so off he went.

And did I say that campers would keep me on my toes? They sure have. It seems as though it has been the time for campers trying to sneak in (unbooked and unpaid), others trying to stay longer than their booking, complaints about noise from other campers, sinks needing unblocking, cars needed jump starting, beds needing to be pumped up, and then to top it all off there was a problem with water which meant asking everyone to conserve water whilst the problem was alleviated BUT there are always a few who think that it doesn’t apply to them. It seems as though I have been constantly on the go sorting out one thing or another.

I could write a book about how some people go about putting up their tents, there are major discussions and disagreements and I’m sure I could also run a marriage guidance counselling session based on how to put up a tent!! Whereas some have it all sorted and organised easily, others seem to make a mission out of every little thing and with temperatures rising as rapidly as tempers, it makes for interesting observations.

I had a wonderful catch up with my brother John and his partner Jude, they were up from Whakatane for a couple of days so I arranged to meet up them in Silverdale. Coincidentally, our niece Natalie happened to be passing through from her holiday in the north with her two young daughters Renee and Michelle. It matched up nicely with Johns visit and within 10minutes of arriving at the cafe, both John and Natalie arrived. It was a fantastic catch up and as per usual I completely forgot to take any photos, we were just too busy talking. Renee, 10 and Michelle 5, have grown a lot in the year or so since we last caught up, they are delightful young girls and we so enjoyed spending the afternoon with them.

Roy had a great time in Ashburton with the grandkids, they too have sprouted into fine young people.

Granddad with, from left Rose (who will be 13 this weekend), Dante (15 last week], Front, Andre 8 and Theo 10.

Dante with his academic prize cup for mathematics (surprise surprise – NOT! It’s in the genes).

Roy also managed to take a trip to Geraldine to catch up with lifelong friends Bill & Linda who have recently relocated there from Auckland. He tells me that he was treated to an amazing lunch and really enjoyed seeing their new home and catching up with all their news including their recent trip to the UK for Christmas. We look forward to catching up again soon.

I picked up Roy from the airport yesterday and it’s nice to have him home as I must admit it’s rather quiet (and tidy 😉) without him around!

Grandchildren and the return journey

December 18, 2014

It’s always lovely to catch up with the grandchildren, especially when we can visit, play, hype them up, feed them sugar and then leave 😉 no, really, we didn’t feed them lots of sugar as that would be just plain silly. We spent a good four days in Ashburton, or more accurately Eiffelton, catching up with everyone. Grandad had “help” one day playing one of the kids games on the iPad, it was extremely funny watching the grandchildren trying desperately to NOT interfere with Grandad’s game, the expressions on their faces was priceless.

Theo, Rose, Grandad, Andre and Dante.

Sunday evening we all headed in to the Ashburton Domain for Christmas in the Park which was a large gathering of families all having picnics and fun in the late afternoon sun listening to carols waiting for the fireworks display. Although the weather was fine and lovely throughout the days whilst we were south, the evenings were still very chilly. Monday morning and we all trotted off to Longbeach School to watch Dante and Rose perform their line dancing routines.

somewhere in there are a couple of grandchildren!

Soon it was time for us to head back to Christchurch, we were due to meet up with Ben as he was flying in from the UK. But unfortunately those plans went slightly awry as his plane was delayed leaving Heathrow and therefore after much re-routing and changes of planes, he landed 12hrs after his original arrival time. We met Ben and his lovely family when we were in the UK four years ago. You can read about our visit hereHowever, we did manage to visit our friends Pat & Sue as they are currently in Christchurch. We had a great catch up with all their news and joined them for dinner. It seemed as though we were just getting into the swing of things when it was time for us to leave. Hopefully we will meet up again soon and join in travelling around the country. From there it was a quick sprint out to the airport to briefly see Ben arrive safely after his loooooong journey from England. /home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/4db/13065192/files/2014/12/img_0214.jpg

Bernice & Ben at the airport.

We had an early morning flight to catch and we had somehow managed to accumulate a bit more luggage which required the purchase of another bag and a reshuffle of our gear. An uneventful flight back to Auckland with some great views including this shot of Mt Egmont/Taranaki.

Unfortunately the weather in Auckland on our return was not great but it was lovely to get back to our van and back to Shakespear Park where we will remain as camp hosts until the end of January.