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Canoe polo

May 9, 2017

In between appointments the other day we had a couple of hours to spare, and right outside the Audiology clinic in Takapuna they told us that the Master Canoe Polo event had just started and suggested we wander along to have a look.

We watched for some time, it is a very fast and very competitive sport, with five team members participating at any one time with a referee on each side of the playing area, you can see in the photos the refs walking along the floating board walk alongside the playing area.  The goal nets are suspended a few feet above the water at each end.

It was at times fast and furious with lots of jockeying for position and possession and seemed like a lot of fun.  The sport is akin to water polo and basketball played in kayaks, which can be played indoors or outdoors in a pool. The aim is to try and pass or block the ball to score into a suspended goal. It is suited to people who like rough and aggressive games and players are allowed to ram into each other’s kayaks. The ball can be blocked or flicked with the paddle, but by in large the ball is usually picked up and thrown. People assume that it is a kayaking sport, but it is a ball sport with kayaking thrown in.

There were teams playing from all over the world and it appeared to us that apart from the competitive side of things there was also lots of fun and friendship going on.  On checking the results, New Zealand did rather well as they were on the winning platform  in all classes and won gold in most.