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***t happens

October 5, 2017

It was all going so well, we had the buses and trains all sorted by doing a dummy run on Monday so we knew how long we should allow to catch the Eurostar across to Lille on Tuesday. Tuesday morning, we were all packed and ready to go, Ian kindly dropped us off at the local train station to save us getting the bus and we were soon on our way to St Pancras station.

We had only gone through a couple of stops when we realised that Roy had left his phone on the table at home. Damn. A quick phone call to Ian confirmed that it definitely was on the table. We quickly arranged for Roy to get off at the next stop to return to the station where Ian met him with his phone. Meanwhile I continued on the train to Cannon Street Station where we change from train to tube and I would wait for him to return. It didn’t take him too long to return and we were back on the tube and into St Pancras Station.

View from the train crossing the Thames, with London Bridge in the background.

As alway, mind the gap!

We arrived in plenty of time, in fact we were early but we were allowed though passport control and inside to wait for the train. We had a drink and a bite to eat and soon we were off, whizzing through the English countryside before heading into the Chunnel. I tried taking pictures out of the window but at 296km/hr and with reflections from the window my photography skills were not great.

We arrived in Lille exactly on time and we headed straight for the car rental places. Ouch, they want an arm and two legs to rent a car for a few days but we inhale deeply, and go with it. We could not hire a small car and so had to go with what they had, a Nissan Qashqai, with all the bells and whistles. First problem….we could not work the inbuilt GPS. I managed to change the language preference to a English but it would not register where we were wanting to go, which was Langemark-Poelkapelle in Belgium. Roy went and got one of the staff to help, oh, we just have to change country option for the destination moving from France to Belgium. Sorted.

Take a deep breath Bernice and drive on the right, remembering to change gear occasionally, with Roy keeping an eye on the upcoming GPS instructions. We managed to find our way with only slightly raised blood pressure, sweaty palms, a dry mouth and a complete feeling of nausea!!!! Our Airbnb Host was waiting to let us into the apartment and after a quick guided tour we were on our own.

The apartment.

As we started to unpack and sort our gear, with sickening reality it became clear that Roy did not have his iPad, everything was carefully searched but to no avail…….oh no, where had he last had it? at St Pancras Station? he must have left it behind. We put in the call to the lost property department in the hope that someone may have handed it in, and sent email enquiries. Alex is also going to ring the station in the morning to see if it has been handed in. We tried doing the “find my iPad” thing but we could not work out what the hell we were doing so we gave up.

After a very restless nights lack of sleep, Roy was up at his usual early hour and went off for a walk. He was soon back, oh no, what happened this time? His glasses had broken in half straight across the bridge! By 9.30am he had found a local Optometrist who had a frame that would fit the not so old lenses, and he would have them repaired by the afternoon. Meanwhile he is wandering around wearing his reading glasses.

Just as we were about to head out for a walk around the village to check out the market, I had a sudden brainwave…..”Roy, did you check the car for your iPad as I am sure you used it to find the telephone number for the Airbnb yesterday”…….sure enough, there in the back of the car was the ipad! 🤦🏻‍♂️

As for the title, well sometimes things work out!!!

Yes, we did go and but a lotto ticket, it’s up to €190million!

PS. Yes, we have worked out how to locate our phones and iPads, simple really!!!

PPS. New glasses have been collected and look very swish!

Techno upgrades

January 13, 2017

It’s a sad day when your headphones no longer work and you cannot fix them.  Damn, cos they were really good ones that Antony bought me a few years ago, and I really liked them as they were comfortable.  It seems that there is  a broken wire somewhere as first one ear piece had no sound, then it was both ear phones, although I did manage to get them working again intermittently if I wiggled the cord a bit and held it in the right place and hoped the wind didn’t change!  

In the end I gave up and headed off to buy a new pair, this time wireless headphones so no wires to break.  I don’t like the in-ear phones, they just annoy my ears besides one ear bud never seems to fit properly and they always fall out, after looking around and checking out different types and brands, in the end I went with the same brand and style of my previous ones.  

And they are brilliant, as well as being very comfortable they are very clever. Not only can I adjust the volume from the earpiece controls, I can also pause and restart whatever it is I am currently listening/watching.

Whilst I was in the store I happened to spy the new iPads, I currently have a mini iPad which has served me reasonably well over the past couple of years but I have run out of space in it.   I like it because it is just so much lighter than my previous iPads and it fitted comfortably in my handbag but of course the new iPads are just as light and thin….so yep, you guessed it I now have a new iPad, and cover of course, to go with the headphones. 

Waiting for its new cover to go on.

I am just going through the process of transferring everything off my old iPad to the new version.  Then I can wipe everything off the mini and donate it to a worthy cause – in this case, Antony!  As he has surgery and a long recovery coming up, he will be able to use it for watching movies and reading.

To top it all off, we have also purchased Chromecast, a device which allows us to stream wirelessly from our iPads directly to the TV.  Goodness, we won’t know ourselves soon.  We are certainly not missing usual TV watching at all, and certainly not missing ad breaks every 10 minutes.  

Of course summer is here now which means more time is spent swimming and being outdoors and away from devices, but I’m sure they will all be well utilised.

Grandchildren and the return journey

December 18, 2014

It’s always lovely to catch up with the grandchildren, especially when we can visit, play, hype them up, feed them sugar and then leave 😉 no, really, we didn’t feed them lots of sugar as that would be just plain silly. We spent a good four days in Ashburton, or more accurately Eiffelton, catching up with everyone. Grandad had “help” one day playing one of the kids games on the iPad, it was extremely funny watching the grandchildren trying desperately to NOT interfere with Grandad’s game, the expressions on their faces was priceless.

Theo, Rose, Grandad, Andre and Dante.

Sunday evening we all headed in to the Ashburton Domain for Christmas in the Park which was a large gathering of families all having picnics and fun in the late afternoon sun listening to carols waiting for the fireworks display. Although the weather was fine and lovely throughout the days whilst we were south, the evenings were still very chilly. Monday morning and we all trotted off to Longbeach School to watch Dante and Rose perform their line dancing routines.

somewhere in there are a couple of grandchildren!

Soon it was time for us to head back to Christchurch, we were due to meet up with Ben as he was flying in from the UK. But unfortunately those plans went slightly awry as his plane was delayed leaving Heathrow and therefore after much re-routing and changes of planes, he landed 12hrs after his original arrival time. We met Ben and his lovely family when we were in the UK four years ago. You can read about our visit hereHowever, we did manage to visit our friends Pat & Sue as they are currently in Christchurch. We had a great catch up with all their news and joined them for dinner. It seemed as though we were just getting into the swing of things when it was time for us to leave. Hopefully we will meet up again soon and join in travelling around the country. From there it was a quick sprint out to the airport to briefly see Ben arrive safely after his loooooong journey from England. /home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/4db/13065192/files/2014/12/img_0214.jpg

Bernice & Ben at the airport.

We had an early morning flight to catch and we had somehow managed to accumulate a bit more luggage which required the purchase of another bag and a reshuffle of our gear. An uneventful flight back to Auckland with some great views including this shot of Mt Egmont/Taranaki.

Unfortunately the weather in Auckland on our return was not great but it was lovely to get back to our van and back to Shakespear Park where we will remain as camp hosts until the end of January.

Amazing what you can learn

August 15, 2014

Brian & Marj joined us when we were parked at the RSA in Kaitaia and it was here that they asked if we could assist them with a computer problem. They had purchased a new iPad so that Marj would be able to listen to audio books – as she has a degenerative eye disease and can no longer read. They were having some issues with an App they had downloaded which supposedly enabled a book to be read aloud. Whilst looking at their issue and trying to resolve it, we stumbled across the perfect answer, and who would have guessed that it is already a feature of the iPad?

iPads come with an Accessibility function, which once you delve into it, it has all sorts of features from; Voice functions – size, boldness, contrast, reduce motion, read aloud functions etc for the sight impaired, to hearing functions- subtitling and captioning , and even touch sensitivity, click speeds etc for those who need to tweak this feature.

With a little patience, it is really easy to master, for those who wish to know;
Go to Settings,
Accessibility > voice over, swipe the button to turn on
At the very bottom of the accessibility page you will see Accessibilty Shortcut button, turn this on and when you click the Home button three times it will automatically start the Voice Over Function when you need it.

Within the Voice Over function you can increase or decrease the speaking rate (I find 15-17% about right), and then choose the language & dialect you prefer, I hate to say it but I find the Australian English easiest on the ear!! There are lots of settings you can play with to alter to suit your needs. There is even a Braille function – not that I have tried that one yet!

Once you have all you settings sorted, triple click the Home button to start Voice over, highlight the item you want with a single tap, i.e. If you want to open a book in your books folder, double tap to open (the voice over function will tell you what to do), then tap the app you wish to open eg iBooks, double tap to open, single tap the book you wish to read to highlight it, then double tap to open, tap on the sentence you wish to start reading then with two fingers swipe downwards for it to commence reading the page from that sentence on. You are now underway. You can use this function for reading your emails, even this blog entry! To turn off the Voice over, triple click the Home button again.

This works with all versions of the iPad. We have iPad versions 1 & 3 and the latest mini iPad, with all of these having the Accessibility function.

I am now enjoying reading my books through my headphones whilst I knit. It takes a little to get used to the voice and of course you do not get the intonations and character individuality but it does not take long to get used to it and for a change it is rather fun and I like being able to do two things at once. Of course for those who really need this function, it must be brilliant and make life so much easier.

We have always enjoyed listening to books. Especially when the kids were young we used to always have a book or three on cassette tape to play in the car on long journeys, we were even known to drive around the block a few times on reaching out destination to finish off a book! Cassettes then became CD’s (all usually borrowed from the local library), and we then progressed to mp3’s of various programmes. Before venturing on trips around the country Roy & I would have a few books or interesting programmes to listen to in the car – saves on inane conversation!!!! Now we have a new toy to play with.

So thank you Brian & Marg for asking the question and we hope you enjoy reading lots of books Marj.