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November 4, 2014

Time to say farewell to Jess & Jarrad in Whangamata as they headed off to continue their holiday.   Alex and Ian took our car and headed for our planned weekend in Kinloch (Lake Taupo) via a touristy stop in Rotorua.

1Farewells in Whangamata

We headed off in the opposite direction to get to Kinloch via Paeroa and Matamata, with Antony in his car.  Now we know a few people have those smelly air freshener things that hang from the rear view mirror of their car to make it smell nice, however most of these tend to be of the usual pine scent and shape, but not Antony – his is bacon scented!!     

3Bacon scented car freshener!

Along the way we passed through Paeroa and passed the giant L&P Bottle, the quintessential NZ soft drink.


From there it was a fairly straight forward drive into Kinloch.  We were heading to Kinloch as this is where Bernice’s family holidayed in boats for many many years and then her parents retired here for some time before they moved south.  It was time to spread her parents ashes and with Alex out from the UK, it seemed like a good opportunity for as many of the family to get together as possible. 

But first a look around Kinloch itself to see how it has changed over the years.  We of course had to revisit the house Mum & Dad built in Kinloch.


Whilst in Kinloch we noticed the proliferation of rhododendrons and azaleas in bloom.  We had not realised how much we missed seeing these colder climate blooms. Following is a selection of the lovely blooms 


And we even spotted this cat on the prowl, stalking a rabbit along a pathway.

Saturday dawned brilliantly sunny and clear with excellent view across the Lake to Mount Ruapehu,


and the view across the Lake to the Raupo, a safe anchorage place where Mum & Dad spent quite a bit of time socialising with friends.


We walked along the waterfront to a small stream which feeds into the Lake where we let Mum & Dad’s ashes disperse.  Everyone had their turn with children,  grandchildren and great grandchildren all taking part. 


13Farewell Mum & Dad

Then it was back to the Bach we had rented and onto the large deck where we shared a BBQ. We did get a couple of photos of us all…..just a shame the photographer (Roy) did not manage to get back in time to take his place in the pictures!


17Yes John, we did see where you had your hands!

And Happy Birthday Steve, a memorable birthday in more ways than one, we hope the pain subsides and the bruises mend quickly!