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Taipa, Coopers Beach and Mangonui

August 27, 2013

You know how much we love good food and how we like to support local growers around the country so it should not come as any surprise that we found out about local markets. Saturday morning and Farmers Markets were on in both Taipa and Mangonui so we  were off at a reasonable hour to attend.  The first stop was at Taipa, a small bay at the southern end of Tokerau Beach (which stretches for 18kms) all part of Doubtless Bay.   In 1769, Capt. James Cook sailed past the entrance to the area and recorded in his journal "doubtless a bay", hence the name. At the same time, the French ship St Jean Baptiste of François Marie de Surville was anchored within the bay. Each ship was unaware of the other.

We called in to the market at the local Hall, perused what was on offer, made our purchases then went to see the local beach.


Taipa Beach

On the foreshore were a couple of interesting sights, first a couple of seagulls perched atop a sign and a mosaic covered monument which we think is a memorial. 


From Taipa, it was on through Cable Bay and Coopers Beach. Cable Bay was thus named as it was the landing point for the first underwater telegraph cable (the red route) linking New Zealand with Australia, Canada and Norfolk Island. The telegraph station operated from 1902 to 1912.


Coopers Beach

Then it is just a short drive over the hill to Mangonui, where there is another market to attend.  Of course we had to take photos of ‘the’ famous Fish & Chip shop on the waterfront, and under gloriously blue skies with the tide in and barely a ripple on the water it certainly was a picturesque sight.


Iconic views

Back to the van overlooking Matai Bay, where we quite happily will stay for at least another week. 

Another week in the big smoke

December 19, 2012

Yes that’s another one down, and what is to show for it?

This time some photos at least. 

Ah the benefits of exercise.  In early morning wandering it is amazing what one comes across.  Having shown a number of murals and mosaics in small towns I was wondering where they were in Auckland.  In fact they are everywhere but one must open ones eyes to see them.  Here are a few examples.

This one is at the entrance to the Crystal Palace in Mt Eden, an old Theatre, Dance Hall and Picture Theatre in its day. Well remembered (by some!) for Saturday night dances.


These two are part of a set of eight in the Grey Lynn shopping area.  They depict aspects of New Zealand life but also show images from the countries of the many different nationalities living in the area.

tiling 2 tiling

Then of course there is the multicoloured extravaganza of posters displayed in all sorts of odd places.  A lot of which would be hard to see unless one is on foot and peers around corners.


poster 4poster

And then there was this aptly named building in the Dominion Road shops.  A sign of the times and the changing ethnic mixture of residents in the area



On for a panoramic view of the area from the top of Mt Eden

Looking toward the city centre and in close up

city  city centre

That famous icon seen from the top

eden park

Then on Saturday we drove to Whakatane for the unveiling of Trish’s memorial

Gathered prior to the unveiling.


The memorial


Proceedings were observed from on high by some interested neighbours


And afterward at John’s shed

after 2

after 1

Back to Auckland in the evening and then on Sunday night we had the Okoroire team for dinner.  A great evening with a lot of reminiscing and tall tales getting longer.  Noticeable were the number of times when names of participants escaped memory, only to be brought to mind later with cries of “yes, that’s who I meant!” 

Of course no photos were taken at the time…..

However we did mange a photo of the entree, A ham terrine encased with cabbage and parsley which we served with a lovely baguette and a Brinjal Kasundi Pickle that Bernice had made last week.


The main was a standing rib of beef with a horseradish sour cream accompanied by a medley of roast vegetables, new potatoes and asparagus. Dessert was summer pudding, which we had planned to make utilising brioche however we could not find any so ended up using Challah.  And I must say it was delicious.  To end we had Panforte with coffee and port.  All in all, a great night.