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July 7, 2013

As it turns out, this is our last week at Ambury…..fingers crossed. After a bit of a flurry, we finally got an insurance assessor to come out and see the van to check out some minor damage we had to a drawer in the kitchen due to an unknown leak. The previous week we had rung the insurance company, did as we were asked and got a quote for repairs from a company that they recommended and then had to wait for approval from an assessor. So we waited, and waited, and waited, until we finally rang the insurance company whilst we we at the Motorhome repair company, and after some discussion what do you know? An assessor rang that very afternoon and was with us within 20 minutes! As a result the van is now going in to get the drawer repaired on Monday and also to have a water test to check for where the leak may be occurring. It is in the drawer under the oven, so either the water is getting in from an external source or it is from accidental spillage inside the van. We shall see. Whilst they have the van, we thought it would be an opportune time to get a few other minor jobs done. Things such as remove the other aircon unit from the roof (which does not work as it is 110v) to be replaced by a vent. A list has been drawn up, although some things on the list are dependent on whether we have won lotto. we can but wish. Whilst the van is in the repair shop for the week, we will be staying with Steve and Leslie in Torbay.

Roy has his orthopedic surgeons appointment on Tuesday for his knee and we are also taking the opportunity to get his follow up scan for his kidney problem done and out of the way. Hopefully all will be ok and we can then head north.

Meanwhile, Pat & Sue headed off to Tauranga earlier in the week to drop off their 5th wheeler for some repair work to be done on it whilst they head off overseas for a couple of months. It has been fabulous having them around and sharing all the trials and tribulations of life lived on the road, going to movies, visiting markets, sharing meals, and playing cards.

In the last entry we mentioned that Pat had helped to sort out our guttering system, and here it is in action.

The ideal situation would be to now have that water piped straight into the tank, perhaps another job for the repair shop this week?

Over the past few days there has been other motorhomes parked here, one couple who have been on the road for 10 years and another couple, Ross & Wyn who have been 5 years on the road, whose blog we follow and are also fellow Motorhome forum members. It’s very good to finally meet up with people you feel you already know from reading their blog.

To finish, here is a pic of us parked at Ambury

20130707-113055.jpg Thanks to the Rangers and staff who have so kindly allowed us to stay, we will be back but hopefully not for a wee while!