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Castlepoint and a diversion

April 6, 2016

We headed to Masterton for a few days to restock, refuel and refresh. Whilst we are based here we thought we should do a little more exploring in the car particularly as we are not sure what the roads are like and when you are 10m in length plus towing a car which is around 14m all up, it makes it difficult to get ourselves out of tight narrow roads especially when you meet oncoming traffic.  Besides, I do not need that sort of excitement in my life!

So off we went heading to Castlepoint.


Map of the area
The countryside was picturesque with rolling hills, farmland and forestry are the main activities of land use. We were about halfway on our journey when there was a diversion ahead, we had to detour through Whareama to get to Castlepoint, we are not sure of the reason for the detour but detour we did, over windy narrow roads.  We’re not to far from Riversdale we summised, so why not go and check out what is there.

It turns out to be a lovely beach, obviously a summer destination as there is a rather large surf club on the beach. Unfortunately there is no motorhome parking in Riversdale, a shame really as it is a rather nice beach and I am sure that motorhomes would add to the local economy.   Riversdale is apparently one of the longest beaches in the Wairarapa and is also known for having a year-round surf.

 After a wander on the beach and a drive around the small settlement, we then headed over the hills to Castlepoint.

Castlepoint is a fishing village and is home to a lighthouse which stands near the top of the northern end of a reef. The reef is about one kilometer long. At the southern end of the reef, there is an island known locally as “seagull island”, due to its large population of seagulls. The southern side of Castle Rock is known as Christmas Bay. Castlepoint was so named in 1770 by Captain Cook who was struck by the similarities of Castle Rock to the battlements of a castle. The Maori name for the area is Rangiwhakaoma, which translates as ‘where the sky runs’.   

 View from the parking area on the beach
  Looking down to the parking area
  Boat retrieval 

We headed to the local pub for a bite to eat before heading on home.

On our return journey to Masterton, we stopped off in Tinui, a very small settlement famous for being the first place that held an Anzac service.  Tinui was the first place in New Zealand to have an ANZAC Day cross: the vicar led an expedition to place a large metal cross on the Tinui Taipos, a 360 m (1200 ft) high large promontory behind the village, on 25 April 1916 to commemorate the dead, when a service was held.

  The ceremony took place in this tiny church in April 1916,  the cross is on the horizon to the left of the portico and to the right of the tall trees…..I know, impossible to see but I can assure you it is there.

Back to Masterton where we are parked, this time the direct route was taken as the diversion had ended, then we had nquick trip down to Featherstone to have dinner with friends Garrick & Marguerite at a lovely local restaurant called Everest.  We can highly recommend it for a good place to eat, friendly service and with delicious wood fired pizzas  made for a lovely evening out.