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October 17, 2014

Warning : This blog post contain images that are not suitable viewing for arachnophobes!

The next point of call was to be Wenderholm, another one of the glorious Auckland Regional Council Parks in the northern reaches of greater Auckland.  There is a new camping area that has been developed, well, new since we were last here, and it is a stunning set up.  The camp is a lovely flat area alongside the estuary, beautifully planted out, with lovely facilities. 

5This is a view of the camping area taken from above looking out toward the Puhoi River.  The entrance to the river is to the right of the photo.

6All set up for a stay

37Looking back toward the camp from the main beach front

26Sunrise on a clear day.

There are a number of ducks parading around the park.  They come in all sizes including a trio on an early outing in the river.


At all of the Regional Parks there is rubbish disposal for both waste and recyclables.  These facilities are provided by large plastic hooded in ground bins.  It has been somewhat of a mystery as to how these are emptied as they seem to be at least 3 or 4 metres deep.


But we now do not have to wonder any more.  This morning a truck turned up and simply attached a hoist to the lid of the bins and lifted!  The bins contain a liner attached to a ring frame under the lid.  The complete contents are lifted and a draw rope pulled to open the bag and the contents spilled into the truck  Very neat and tidy, no mess, simply redo the draw rope and replace the the empty bag into the holder.  


As usual there are some very old Pohutukawa trees along the river bank showing the characteristic form with aerial roots, epiphytes. exposed roots and an apparent tenuous hold on the river banks.


Alongside these there are some young Kowhai trees in bloom on the banks as well


All of the livestock is not necessarily in the paddocks.  This rather large spider was in one of the sinks in the toilet block.  This would undoubtedly scare some.


Along with the native trees in the park there is a row of Flame trees in bloom.  They provide a nectar source for the Tui before the flax begins to flower.


And of course there are the Pukeko.  Lots and lots, including these small ones being fed by parents.  These have not even reached the stage of being pom-poms on sticks so are very young.   


During our stay here this week, we have put out the flounder net on a couple of occasions, alas, no flounder were harmed during this process although we do know that there is at least one there, as Roy nearly stepped on one as we were setting the net!  Never mind, another time as we will certainly be back here.  We have really enjoyed our 5 day/4 night stay here, it has been quiet, relaxing and just plain delightful.

And to more domestic matters.  We were able to buy Seville Oranges at the Kerikeri market and these have been made into Marmalade.  Now all we have to find out is if they have the same effect on medication as Grapefruit before some of us can enjoy it.



The one of us that can enjoy the Marmalade, can attest that its damn delicious Smile