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Hot and Cold

April 13, 2015

Roy had a piece of bacon curing in the fridge for the past few days, and it was now time to smoke and cook it.  That must mean it is time to get out one of the new toys – the cold smoker.  This is a totally different process and result from the usual hot smoking.  The difference between hot and cold smoking is fairly self explanatory according to Wikipedia; cold smoking is a gentle drying process at around 25C, which imparts a smoky flavour but doesn’t “cook” food through. Hot smoking is usually more a way of cooking than of preserving, a sort of light roasting at around 80C to 120C.  

We use our BBQ as our smoking apparatus for hot smoking, as everything in the van has to have at least two uses to warrant storage space, and we can also add a third use, for cold smoking.  It helps that there was an access hole in the side of the BBQ where you place a long match through to ignite the BBQ.  However, it just so happens it is not only the exact right size to attach the cold smoker but it’s also in the perfect place.


The smoker was attached to the side of the BBQ a and filled with some Manuka wood chips before being set alight,  the smoke is pumped into the BBQ without any heat.  After and hour or so the bacon is done and then ready to be cooked slowly in the oven.  

Then the next new toy comes out – the electric slicer!  We bought this one after seeing and using John’s one whilst we were in Whakatane, we figured that we could very easily justify its use. The bacon is all perfectly and evenly sliced before it is packaged up and yes, you guessed it the next new toy is put into use – the vacuum sealer. 

Next is the turn of the Pastrami.  First the meat has its coating of carefully selected and ground spices rubbed all over it and then it is left for a day or two.  The next step is to put the meat into the cold smoker for a gentle smoking before it is then steamed to cook it.  We use a thermometer to test when the internal temperature has reached the desired level so we know that it has been cooked properly.  


Once it is cooled, we slice it up and vacuum seal it into portions for later use.  Mmmmm, delicious!

  We also smoked a couple of pieces of salmon for our dinner, but this time it was using the hot smoked method.  With a chilli glaze on it, it was done in a short time, delicious for our dinner served with a creamy mustard mash and braised baby peas and greens.