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The R&M continues

October 23, 2019

I’m in catch up mode, being a couple of weeks or more behind in blogging, somehow life gets a little busy or maybe I’m just easily distracted?

In between fishing escapades whilst at Uretiti, and with the weather showing its ugly side, we discovered we had a bit of a leak. That will teach us to be oh so cocky after having the roof cleaned, obviously they cleaned it too well with some of the sealant around vents and the like parting ways with the roof. The leak was a drip drip drip right over the end of our bed. And of course there is not much you can do about it when it is actually raining.

With a bit of a break in the weather, it was time to investigate the roof. The ingress of the water wasn’t apparent, nor was it evident immediately above where it was making its way inside. As water tends to travel in not so obvious routes, finding the entry point was proving difficult.

Roy went up to investigate and Keith kindly offered to supervise the pensioner on the roof!

Roy and Keith on the search

Think we’ve found it! Even though the drip inside is on the other side of the van

We think they fixed the leak, we just have to wait for the next lot of rain to test out the hypothesis, which wasn’t too far away by the look of those dark clouds rolling in.

It did still leak a little, but just a drop or two which could well be residual moisture being pushed though by pressure….well, that’s the theory at this stage.

After a few more tweaks we think it is all solved with the magic tape that Keith had on hand for such just eventualities.

We left Uretiti on the Sunday as it was a good window of fine weather as the forecast was not looking very good for the next couple of days with heavy winds and rain expected. We thought we would head up to Kerikeri for a few days and sit out the storm there.

We arrived in clear skies but the following couple of days we were subject to a bit of wild weather. Although we didn’t get the 100km/hr winds they were experiencing back at Uretiti, we still got the rain. And very heavy rain at that. OMG what is this? The drip has moved, it is now in the toilet area coming through the light fitting. Again, not much we can do in this weather, we just have to wait it out.

A break in the weather again, everything inspected and checked, nope, can’t see where it’s coming in at all. Theories were put forward, tested, refuted and more theories put forward. What’s this? Raining again? Guess what? No leaks. Fingers crossed it’s all sorted.

Now let’s get back to the fishing.

Always take the weather with you

July 16, 2018

How do you know that the Vannini’s are back at Shakespear? Look at the weather!

Our view went from this

To this

It seems as though we bring extreme weather events with us to Shakespear having been here before when the rainfall has been excessive. This time the planned public planting day had to be cancelled for the first time ever. The planting of trees was to have taken place on Sunday, in fact the area chosen to be planted was around a major slip that occurred last year to stabilise the hillside. That slip took place when we were again parked in the Motorhome parking area last year which you can read about here

Never mind, it all passed pretty quickly and we were safe and dry inside the van.

We did manage to catch up with a few of the Rangers whilst we were here as well as friends whom we have met here. We visited Skip & Mindy for a very pleasant day catching up on news and travels. And we hope we have managed to assist their daughter to convince them to head off on holiday to Europe with her later this year.

and this was our view on the way out today

Straight to the pool room

December 21, 2015

For some time now I have joked with the Rangers here at Shakespear that I was going to get myself a pool, install it at the back of our van in our  private bay in the park.  Just something smallish, nothing too elaborate so that when I come back from swimming at the beach, I can then chill out in freshwater!   Well, no more joking.   Today, Santa came early and delivered a nice pool……well, OK, I went to the shop and bought it myself.    

   Laying it out ready to fill.

First we had to blow up the outer rim of the pool, to do  this we used our small compressor which is charged from the car battery, of course we had left our other compressor that we use to inflate the air bed at Antony’s place.    It was taking ages to fill and the compressor was getting rather hot, so I resorted to giving it mouth to mouth!

  Time to fill with water
This necessitated  running a hose from the tap, actually we had to join a number of hoses together to reach, then it was the long wait to fill.  The pool is 10ft diameter and 30inches deep…3.05m by 760cm for those of you who work in metres, it took a while to fill.

  Nearly there.

The pool came complete with filtration system and pump so it should be good for the summer. 


And to make sure it is safe, we also have a cover and as well we have put up our wind breaks at either end of the van so that it is not visible to curious youngsters!  Besides, it really is a reservoir for emergency purposes isn’t it?


May 2, 2014

We first met Chris & Amanda back in November 2011 when we were in Oamaru, then we kept running into them at various points along the road including in New Plymouth in November 2012. So when they contacted us to say that they were heading north for a break we took the opportunity to arrange to meet up. As they have an Ultima 5th wheeler, they also knew Pat & Sue, having met up with them when they had an Ultima before they saw the light and crossed over to join those of us with a Mirada!!!! Pat & Sue were still in Kopu with the van having work done on it, however they managed to pry themselves away and came up to join us and the girls for dinner. A good evening was had by all before Pat & Sue headed off back to Kopu leaving us to enjoy the quiet of Waharau.

Chris & Amanda had been having a few problems with their water pump which had just been fixed the day before. They had run low on water but as we had been collecting a bit of rainwater, we offered them a bit of a top up of their tank with lovely clean rainwater.

20140502-084253.jpg Chris pouring with Amanda holding the funnel. It was suggested that it looked as though they could have been filling the tank with moonshine gin or vodka!!!! Now there’s an idea!

We played tour guides showing Chris and Amanda the highlights of the area as we all sharing meals and playing lots of cards. They were due to head off Saturday morning so we convinced them to come with us into Thames where, along with Pat & Sue, we wandered through the Market in town adding to the local economy, as well as having a lovely coffee and bite to eat at Cafe Melbourne. The girls headed off to their next stop, Pat & Sue returned to their van at the workshop and we returned to our van.

Another day and Bill & Estelle came to visit, we had promised them that as the tides were right, we would put out the flounder net if they could wait around for late afternoon to help bring in the spoils. Of course the best laid plans were swept out to sea as when we hauled in the net it was devoid of any fish. Typical. We blamed the lack of fish on putting the net in a new location where it was untested, that will teach us, back to where we know the fish are biting.

Water, water everywhere………..except here.

October 14, 2013

Some may think that we do little each day except for idly wander along beautiful beaches, check out local history and museums, throw the odd line in the water, sit around drinking and eating, or visiting markets, however the truth is that we do keep ourselves busy with all sorts of wee jobs. Our main focus this past week or so has been finding an efficient and effective way of harvesting rain water and somehow get it into our tank.

We have been mulling over this proposition for some time, you may recall that we purchased a bilge pump some months ago when we were in Whakatane. The problem we have is that the water tank requires mains pressure to fill as the water inlet is at the base of the tank, therefore any water going in to the tank has the pressure/weight of the water in the tank to force through. Until, a lightbulb moment, and yes, I (Bernice) will take full credit for thinking of it, the tank has two overflow pipes that exit the van at the rear, so open the locker which houses the large LPG tank and voila, there behind the tank within easy reach are the overflow pipes! There are two pipes one from each side of the freshwater tank. So we choose the pipe nearest the LPG tank. Next came all the ideas of how we would get the water to the pipe, this required some investigation.

20131015-111023.jpgsexy legs!

Lengths of hose, hose fittings, cable ties, and an inlet access point is placed next to the mount for the LPG tank so the next problem to think about is how we capture the water to get it into the tank. Plan A, B, C…….and a few more modifications are made. We can catch the water that flows from our spouting (see July 7 2013) in buckets, have the bilge pump in the bucket and have a hose running from the bucket to the tank inlet. But we can also utilise water caught on the awning, particularly if we angle the awning so the water runs to one corner, a funnel placed on that corner with a hose running to the tank inlet and job sorted. We make, we modify, we improve. Lists are made and shopping trip made into Kaitaia. The first improvement was made with the addition of a duel inlet to take the two hoses so both sources of water can be utlised simultaneously or singly.

20131015-111618.jpg dual inlet valve

Next, a larger funnel was needed to take the volume of water that comes off the awning, on a shopping trip we found some cloches that if inverted are good large cone shapes, complete with the perfect sized hole at the base for a hose coupling to be slotted in. Perfect, another piece of hose attached and into the tank goes the water. Now, we need to make sure debris does not work its way into our tank water, although we have a filter in place for our use in the kitchen supply, we need to keep out large particles of dust, dirt, leaves, insects etc. so a piece of filter cloth is stretched over the bucket used to collect water from the spouting. As well, in the funnel we have placed a small sieve lined with filter cloth. The water we pour in for testing purposes works brilliantly, now we need some rain. Therein lies the problem. We wait patiently, we watch the weather forecast, we see the rest of the country being battered by wind and rain…..and we wait! We are still waiting.

PS. Woke to rain this morning, however the wind was so strong that we could not have the awning out. As well, the wind was blowing the water gushing from the spouting everywhere except into the bucket!! Rain stopped by 9.30am, sun out, still windy though. Could someone with a direct line to the weather gods please arrange suitable weather for us please?


July 7, 2013

As it turns out, this is our last week at Ambury…..fingers crossed. After a bit of a flurry, we finally got an insurance assessor to come out and see the van to check out some minor damage we had to a drawer in the kitchen due to an unknown leak. The previous week we had rung the insurance company, did as we were asked and got a quote for repairs from a company that they recommended and then had to wait for approval from an assessor. So we waited, and waited, and waited, until we finally rang the insurance company whilst we we at the Motorhome repair company, and after some discussion what do you know? An assessor rang that very afternoon and was with us within 20 minutes! As a result the van is now going in to get the drawer repaired on Monday and also to have a water test to check for where the leak may be occurring. It is in the drawer under the oven, so either the water is getting in from an external source or it is from accidental spillage inside the van. We shall see. Whilst they have the van, we thought it would be an opportune time to get a few other minor jobs done. Things such as remove the other aircon unit from the roof (which does not work as it is 110v) to be replaced by a vent. A list has been drawn up, although some things on the list are dependent on whether we have won lotto. we can but wish. Whilst the van is in the repair shop for the week, we will be staying with Steve and Leslie in Torbay.

Roy has his orthopedic surgeons appointment on Tuesday for his knee and we are also taking the opportunity to get his follow up scan for his kidney problem done and out of the way. Hopefully all will be ok and we can then head north.

Meanwhile, Pat & Sue headed off to Tauranga earlier in the week to drop off their 5th wheeler for some repair work to be done on it whilst they head off overseas for a couple of months. It has been fabulous having them around and sharing all the trials and tribulations of life lived on the road, going to movies, visiting markets, sharing meals, and playing cards.

In the last entry we mentioned that Pat had helped to sort out our guttering system, and here it is in action.

The ideal situation would be to now have that water piped straight into the tank, perhaps another job for the repair shop this week?

Over the past few days there has been other motorhomes parked here, one couple who have been on the road for 10 years and another couple, Ross & Wyn who have been 5 years on the road, whose blog we follow and are also fellow Motorhome forum members. It’s very good to finally meet up with people you feel you already know from reading their blog.

To finish, here is a pic of us parked at Ambury

20130707-113055.jpg Thanks to the Rangers and staff who have so kindly allowed us to stay, we will be back but hopefully not for a wee while!